Our demonstration building in Iztapa Chimaltenango, made from Plastic Bricks
Our Plastic Bricks
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Recyclable Materials collected and ready to be processed into plastic bricks.

Our Mission

Plastic pollution is a crisis worldwide, and here in Guatemala the rivers and streams have become critically littered with waste. We are harvesting this plastic from the environment and transforming it into bricks which can help to house those in need. those in need. We are seeking to donations to expand our operations and reduce overhead, so that we can remove more plastic and provide our bricks at competitive rates to NGOs which combat housing insecurity.

We have developed a method to construct quality bricks using a blended material which incorporates >50% repurposed plastic litter. Currently we are harvesting plastic from one waterway in Ciudad Vieja, using a shallow surface barricade which collects litter as it floats downstream. At our current capacity, we are already able to remove 2250 pounds of plastic from the river daily. We have recently completed construction on a demonstration building made almost entirely from our plastic bricks. We are now looking to market our product and build more plastic removal sites. We deeply appreciate your interest, and your support, in turning pollution into homes for Guatemala. 

Progresson out test building in Iztapa Chimaltenango, made from Plastic Bricks