As some of you know last winter I put together some cement, some sand and a whole lot of plastic. When it cured, a little to my surprise, it was a usable brick. I was so excited that I moved to Guatemala to set up a brick factory, and after almost six months it’s almost ready to start producing bricks. The two local schools, that we contacted, are giving us the families plastic trash, and I’ve been encouraged by their response. In one week we have picked up about 200 gallons of plastic bottles (which means 5-10 gallons of plastic and about 190-195 gallons of air) it’s an exciting start.

plastic brick project about 1
plastic brick project about 2

I’m committed to seeing if this can be a viable building product, and plan on giving this project a few years of my time, and some money.

I’m enjoying living in Guatemala, and my Spanish skills are improving, from almost none to barely functional. As they say here poco y poco (little by little). I guess there weren’t enough challenges in my life before.